engineering and technology

Glenmount Global Solutions, one of the largest independent engineering and technology firms of our kind in North America, is a full spectrum Control and Automation, Drive Systems, and Industrial IT services firm.

Our mission is to deliver leading efficiency, quality, reliability and safety solutions for industrial applications. We consistently deliver innovative, proven solutions by executing to our proven Project Methodology, ensuring we meet the demanding technical, schedule, and cost baselines of our clients.

At any given time…we have over 100 projects ongoing for a wide variety of customers.
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Industrial Information (IT)

  • MES
  • Cyber Security
  • System Architecture & Design

Professional Engineering

  • I.C. & E PE Services
  • Master Planning
  • FRS Development
  • Engineering Studies


  • Process Design & Optimization
  • System Architecture Design
  • Standardization Initiatives
  • OEM Packaged Solutions
  • Corporate Energy Management

Project & Program Management

  • Technical, Schedule, and Cost Baseline Management
  • Budget and Bid Preparation
  • PM Standard Development


Project Services

PMI Based Project Management

System Design

  • Instrumentation & Controls Design
  • CAD Services
  • Documentation Services

System Development

  • Software (DCS, PLC, HMI, PC) Development
  • UL-508 Panel and System Assembly
  • Infrastructure Development
  • System Simulation & Testing
  • Factory Acceptance
  • Installation

System Startup

  • Commissioning
  • Site Acceptance
  • System Training
  • Turnover


Ongoing Services

  • Emergency Support
  • Post Project Support
  • Firmware Revisions
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Calibration Service
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Training Services
  • Asset Management
  • Software Revision Upgrades
  • Plant Operations Support
  • Project Data Enhancements
  • Web Based Plant Monitoring
  • Web Based Plant Documentation
  • Remote Monitoring Services
  • Network Management Services

In addition to our project services capabilities, Glenmount has a vibrant Resident Engineering Program, where a team of our talented associates is dedicated to the ongoing operations of a specific client or client site.

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Plant Operations Support
  • Network Management Services
  • Training Services

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