GGS Making Waves in the Marine Industry


The Stalwart-class Auxiliary General Ocean Surveillance (T-AGOS) ships are a class of United States Naval Ship (USNS) support ocean surveillance vessels commissioned prior to 1990. The purpose of these vessels is to collect underwater acoustical information using the Surveillance Towed Array Sensor System (SURTASS), a passive sonar technology. The T-Agos ships are operated by the United States Military Sealift Command (MSC), and maintained by civilian contractors.

The T-Agos class ships need to be in a constant state of mission to gather underwater acoustical data for the US Navy.  As with all similar mission-critical applications, reliability and system uptime are of paramount performance to the operation of the assets.

Originally installed in 1992, the ships’ Throttle and Propulsion control systems had reached their technological end of life, and Glenmount Global Solutions (GGS) was awarded a multi-million dollar program and tasked with the modernization of the Throttle and Propulsion Control Systems for 4 of the T-AGOS vessels. Due to the critical mission of these vessels, GGS engineers developed a method to use the Bow thruster drives as a backup to main propulsion systems. GGS’s solution included new custom SCR bridges and redundant programmable logic controllers to provide the customer with a reliable system that can be easily maintained and operated by the ship’s crew.


  • Scalable, High-Reliability Throttle and Propulsion Control
  • Fully Redundant PLC Based Control
  • New, customized SCR
  • Load Shedding / Load Limiting Improvements
  • Expedited 10 Week Total Implementation Schedule
  • System Startup and testing in Asia Pacific Theater
  • 10 Day Installation & Commissioning windows


Glenmount Global Solutions is a recognized leader in the Control & Automation Systems Integration industry, focused on the technologies and applications quickly becoming known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).

Our Marine businesses’ team of technical professionals focuses solely on the design, development, and implementation of proven Electrical, Control, and Drive System solutions core to the industry.

One of the largest US based firms of our kind, GGS provides a full suite of Consulting, Design, Engineering, Implementation & Maintenance services. We serve a blue chip customer base through offices and fabrication facilities strategically located near the largest technology and industrial concentrations in the Bay Area, California, Texas, the Southeast US, and the Great Lakes regions. .

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