Power Generation

Power Generation system design

GGS has a proven track record in Power Generation and associated support industries. Our knowledge of the industry gives us insight into the unique pressures you face with maintaining a 100% service level to your customers with a shrinking operating budget, ever-rising fuel costs, and increasing regulatory and environmental requirements.

Fossil Fuel-Fired Generation

Our system implementations are designed to be highly available, reliable, scaleable, and cost-effective.

We have Instrumentation and Control application experience in:

  • Turbine Balance of Plant Control and Monitoring (DCS & PLC)
  • Industrial HVAC (Chillers, cooling towers, air handling units (AHU), & return air units (RAU))
  • Gas and Water In-feed Treatment and Processing Systems
  • Coal Conveyance & Soot processing
  • Modular, repeatable Control and Optimization solutions for Environmental Subsystems (NoX / SoX Exhaust, FGD, Scrubbers, & Waste Treatment)
  • Monitoring and Reporting systems (Sequence of Events (SOE), SCADA, Data Acquisition Systems (DAS), control local area network (cLAN) integration
  • Steam Bypass Systems, Quench, and Thermal Storage
  • “Hot” Cutovers and System Commissioning

Nuclear Fuel Processing

GGS also has unique experience in the area of nuclear fuel rod manufacturing. Our knowledge of the process end to end can be a great benefit to your bottom line.

Our application experience includes:

Chemical Conversion & Rod Processing

  • Pellet Presses
  • Sintering Furnaces
  • Grinding Lines
  • Rod Lines
  • Solvent Extraction
  • Coating Processes

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