Government & Defense


GGS has a long history of providing innovative, award-winning solutions to various local, state, and federal government entities and their direct contractors. We understand and have experience with the unique requirements and processes associated with the performance of government contracts, and have developed and executed programs specific to the disciplines that are our core competencies.

From the safe inspection and handling of explosive devices for our country’s defense systems to the tracking and transportation of your baggage through our country’s airports.

We are ready to serve your Instrumentation, Control, Automation and Information needs in:

  • Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure (NERC guidelines)
  • Missile Test Fixtures
  • Energy Efficiency Applications
  • Deperm, Degaussing systems
  • Hazardous Waste Processing
  • Emissions Control and Automation
  • Instrumentation and Control Support for Site Remediation, Environmental Cleanup
  • Facilities, Utilities Implementation and Upgrades
  • Explosive Handling and Testing Systems
  • SCADA, Telemetry, Communications
  • Technology Upgrades
  • Process Control and Automation

Whether you have obsolete technology that requires an upgrade or an innovative information solution to address reporting and compliance considerations, Glenmount Global Solutions has the resources, ingenuity, and proven ability to ensure that you get the greatest return on your investment.

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