propulsion control system

GGS has successfully completed projects ranging from emergency repairs on a fire-damaged ship, to reliability improvements and obsolete equipment replacements. The solutions developed by GGS are designed to improve operations and thus the bottom line, no matter what challenge is presented to us.

Our business approach is simple – we apply our considerable skills to solving tough problems and creating value for our clients. Let us help to drive your marine business into a more efficient and profitable future.

The depth of services we provide to the marine industry reflect the vast experience and expertise of the professional staff at GGS and include:

    • Propulsion Control Design
    • Dock and Sea Trial Support
    • Engineering Studies
    • Electric Drive System Design
      • Systems Operation, Maintenance and Installation Procedures Training
      • Automation System Design, Upgrades & Repairs
      • Spare Parts
GGS has successfully implemented projects of every size on the following shipyard applications:

      • Diesel Engine Control
      • Gas Turbine Engine Control
      • Controllable-pitch Propeller Control
      • Steering/Rudder Control
      • Shaft Lines
      • Engine Auxiliaries
      • Fuel & Lube Oil Supply & Purifiers
      • Engine Cooling – Sea / Fresh Water
      • Sludge Water Discharge
      • Diesel Generator Controls
      • Generator
      • Switchgear Breaker Control
      • Switchgear Maintenance, Testing & Retrofits
      • Load Shedding
      • Substation Transformer Monitoring
Tight schedule for upgrades in a Port of Call on the other side of the world? Need an innovative solution for modernizing an obsolete propulsion control system? Call on us to provide the expertise and experience you need to get it done.

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