automotive control systems

Do you need a control and information systems partner that can speak your language? JIT, Error Proofing, Sequenced Order Management…We understand the unique requirements of both the major Automotive manufacturers and their critical supplier network.  We have engineered solutions that are tailor made for the interaction between assembly facility and component supplier facility.

We focus on:

  • Just-In-Time Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • Shop Floor Production Management
  • Conveyor Control Systems
  • Part Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems
  • Product Test Equipment
  • Error Proofing Systems
  • Sequence Based Assembly Control Systems
  • Traceability

Our experiences have driven us to build a proven MES Solution for JIT, Error Proofing, Lean, and Kanban Manufacturing Environments.

Our JIT Manager (copyright) architecture is primarily used in manufacturing environments that require strict discipline and synchronization for Just in Time methodologies and complete integration with external ERP systems, while offering the flexibility to quickly add stations or products in response to changes in market demands.  JIT Manager provides many core features “off the shelf” and when implemented by GGS, will be configured to your specific manufacturing and customer environment.

If you struggle with customer Just-In-Time delivery requirements, we can help.

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