Steel, Metals

steel and metals production

GGS has been delivering results from the plant floor of the world’s leading steel producers since 1989.

We primarily focus the majority of our talents in the areas of:

  • Continuous and Batch Process Lines - Strip Transport
  • Tension / Position Regulation
  • Cleaning / Annealing / Leveling / Tempering Control Solutions
  • Coil Handling Automation
  • Level 2 Interface for PDI and Production Tracking
  • Iron / Steel / Aluminum Making
  • Blast Furnace Automation and Drive Systems
  • BOF / BOP / QBOP Process Control Solutions
  • EAF / LMF Process Control Solutions
  • Gas Fired Melting Furnaces, RH and VT Degasser, Caster Machines
  • Temper Mill - Coordinated Drive Control Solutions
  • Coil Handling Automation
  • Integrated Power Control Rooms Operator Pulpits and Desks
  • HSM control
  • Pickle Line Control and Optimization
  • Caster Drives and Automation

The pressure on the bottom line has never been higher. When getting the most from your Steel and Metals production assets can make the difference in your profitability, call on our deep, experienced teams of control, information, and drives system professionals to deliver the results you need.

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